Einer have up until now given our guests the opportunity to choose between two menus - one vegetarian and one with the best from land and sea.

From this spring (20.april) we wish to combine these two menus into our unique way of serving one extensive set menu derived from local produce.

We do of course offer a vegetarian or vegan menu as before, you just kindly let us know when you reserve a table with us thru the reservation link.



Finger snack 

Flat bread with preserved truffles

Lovage soup with last years fruits and veggies

Turnips with smoked cream and roe

Kale from Hesnes and green asparagus

Potato tart with smoked haddock

Scallop from Hitra with almonds and onion broth

Grilled turbot with a sauce on the bones and black apples

Pork from Spikkerud Farm

Onion tart with "Rød Ku"

Sourdough ice-cream with black currants

Coffee candy