Einer have up until recently given our guests the opportunity to choose between our two menus - one vegetarian and one with the best from land and sea.

Since April 2022 we wish to combine these two menus into our unique way of serving one extensive set menu derived from local produce.

We are always looking for more ways to be a better and more sustainable restaurant - that is why we now have increased our menu with more dishes but also made the vegetarian and vegan menu only available by pre-ordering.



Mushroom macron

Sourdough and lamb
Sourdough with wild garlic

Lovage soup with last years fruits and veggies

Mountain Trout with vongole and rhubarb
Squash from Horgen Gård with fava beans and seaweed sauce

Potato tart with smoked haddock
Potato tart with sunflower seed miso and ramson capers

King crab from Finnmark with roses and dill
Celeriac with almonds and and pickled black truffle

Beetroot from Horgen Gård with forest mushrooms and onions

Lamb from Jæren with green peas
Summer mushrooms with garlic and apple

Kvit Undredal with caramel and apple

Elderflower with buttermilk and plums

Tart with summer berries from Anita's Garden


Wine pairing
5 glasses - 990,-
8 glasses - 1400,-